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What is drug test strip

This is a urine drug test strip, or drug-of-abuse (DOA) urine test strip. It is used to check whether a given urine sample contains traces of parent drug or its metabolites.


How does the drug screening process works?

Urine samples were first collected. To determine whether a person is on drugs recently, one or more urine drug test strips will be used to check the urine sample.

Each strip is useful to screen for a single parent drug. The type of drug a strip checks is labeled on top of each strip with an abbreviated drug name. Each strip are single use, please dispose it properly after each use.

Type Other Names Cut-off
Alcohol (ALC) 0.02%*
Amphetamine (AMP) Aderall, Speed 300 ng/mL, 500 ng/mL, 100 ng/mL*
Barbiturate (BAR) 200 ng/mL, 300 ng/mL*
Benzodiazepines (BZO) Benzo, Valium, Xanax 100 ng/mL, 200 ng/mL, 300 ng/mL*
Cocaine (COC) Coke 100 ng/mL, 150 ng/mL, 300 ng/mL*
Cotinine (COT) 10 ng/mL, 50 ng/mL, 100 ng/mL, 200 ng/mL*, 500 ng/mL
Ketamine (KET) Kη²‰οΌŒVitamin K 500 ng/mL, 1000 ng/mL*
Lysergic Acid Diethylamine (LSD) 10 ng/mL, 20 ng/mL*, 50 ng/mL
Ecstasy (MDMA) Jus 500 ng/mL*, 1000 ng/mL
Methamphetamine (MET) ice, ais, crystal 1000 ng/mL*, 500ng/mL, 300 ng/mL
Morphine (MOP) 100 ng/mL, 300 ng/mL*
Methadone (MTD) 200 ng/mL, 300 ng/mL*
Opiates (OPI) 2000 ng/mL*, 300 ng/mL
Oxycodone (OXY) 100 ng/mL*
Phencyclidine (PCP) 25 ng/mL*
Propoxyphene (PPX) 300 ng/mL*
Synthetic Marijuana (K2) 50 ng/mL*, 30 ng/mL
Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) 500 ng/mL, 1000 ng/mL*
Marijuana (THC) Ganja, Cannabis, Weed

Cut-off levels determines the sensitivity of the drug test. Levels marked with asterisk are the standard cut-off levels used world-wide, and they are generally available. Unless specifically requested otherwise, drug test with standard cut-off levels will be offered.

How to use DOA urine drug test strip – usage guide

  1. Prepare urine in urine cup container, one that holds at least 60ml of urine. Make sure there are adequate urine in the urine cup container.
  2. Tear open the pouch of the drug screening urine test strip, remove the strip from pouch.
  3. Dip urine strip at the end where the arrow on the strip is pointing at for 5-10 seconds. Do not dip over the “MAX” limit line, else no result will be returned.
  4. Place urine strip at a flat surface, read result at 5 minutes. A result with a solid or faint line at T is considered negative.

Where is it is used?

Urine drug test strips is beind use widely in many places. To name a few:

  • Private medical clinics: Employers who wish to carry out full body medical check-ups on their employees engages private medical clinics to perform the task. These check-ups often includes urine drug tests.
  • Laboratories: Clinics, organisations, or individuals engages laboratories to screen urine samples for drugs.
  • Companies: Some companies do on-site urine drug test on their employees from time to time, they either carry-out the task themselves, or they can also get some help from AADK (Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan).
  • Anti drugs agency: To determine whether a person is free from drugs, urine drug test will be carried out. Because of the mayΒ  advantages of using this type of test – including cost, availability, easy-of-use, point-of-care – this is preferred way for preliminary drug screening.

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