OraQuick In-Home HIV Test

OraQuick Saliva HIV Test

  • Accurate results
  • Easy To Use Testing Procedure
  • Sensitivity of 100%.
  • Doesn’t require blood
  • Use Saliva to Test Result
  • Results in 20 to 40 minutes

Home test accurate 99.98 percent of the time

Certify: USFDA

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No Blood needed, Only Saliva

OraQuick® is the first FDA-approved oral swab in-home test for HIV-1 and HIV-2. It’s an oral swab test that doesn’t require blood. It’s completely private. And it’s based on the same HIV test that healthcare professionals have used since 2004.

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Do you know HIV Saliva Test Window Period? Ask us.

It’s easy because you don’t need to prick your fingers but using a test saliva HIV test kit. A Simple home HIV saliva test kit, suitable for everyone. It’s 100% accurate.

The OraQuick Test Kit includes:

1. Step-by-step directions
2. An oral swab test stick and tube with solution
3. Pictorial Guide Usage

How Oral Testing Works

 Most people assume that blood is involved in HIV testing. But with OraQuick® an oral swab is used for testing and requires no blood. By collecting oral fluid from your gums, you collect fluid similar to that used in blood testing.

So the OraQuick Test detects antibodies for HIV, not the virus itself.

You just gently swipe the test swab along your upper gums once and your lower gums once. Then you insert the swab inside the test tube provided and get your results in just 20 minutes.

Safe and approved by the FDA for use by adults (17 years of age or older), OraQuick is the first and only HIV test that delivers your results with all the comforts and privacy of home.

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