Having HIV higher risk of getting COVID-19?

People who fall into these categories have a higher risk of infected with COVID-19.

Old age

  • People above 50 is 10 times fatal than people below 40 for those who’ve contracted with Covid-19


  • Fatality rate for people who’ve contracted diabetes is between 4 – 13 higher than people who doesn’t have diabetes.


  • Risk of being fatal when contracted with Covid-19 increases by factor of 2.75 times for people who contracted HIV, doesn’t matter if they are under antiretroviral drugs or not. This is coming from scientists in South Africa’s Western Cape.

active Tuberculosis

  • For people having TB, risk of fatal increase factor of 2.58. TB damages lungs and perhaps leaving people more vunerable to COVID-19.

These studies however is still too small to be taken as conclusive, something to take in mind when reading the numbers.

One thing they have in common is weaken/compromised immune system.

Advise is to eat well, exercise, rest, and take precautions as advised by your local health body.