Sperm Test Kit

What is considered to be male infertility?

The Male Fertility test is a rapid diagnostic test of sperm concentration in semen. Sperm count is widely recognized as the major indicator of the fertility in men.

The Male Fertility test kits are a unique home test that will indicate if a man’s sperm concentration is greater or less than the devices cut off point, 15 million sperm per mL of sperm. A positive result is going to be good news although it is not proof of fertility. A negative result suggests that the man should consult with his doctor as he is close to being sub-fertile, which is not all bad news, because it does at least save a couple months of trying for a baby when there maybe issues to resolve.

This Male Fertility test kit will allow a man to test his fertility potential, privately and discreetly in his own home.

Note: Sperm concentration of 15 million/ml is the minimum expected sperm concentration level for pregnancy.


  1. Before testing. It’s important that you refrain from any sexual activity for 3-7 days. This ensures that volume and quality of sperm is at it’s peak and test will be accurate determination of sperm concentration.
  2. Using masturbation, semen should be collected directly into the sperm collection cup.
  3. Do not contaminated by touch of and or tissue or any other materials.
  4. Shake semen evenly in the semen collection cup and leave it to stand for 15 minutes at room temperature until the semen liquefy. Do not use semen stored for more than 12 hours.



  1. Remove the test panel from the foil pouch and lay it horizontally on flat surface. Using the pipette provided in the foil pouch, dispense one drop of semen into Sample Well marked “A”
  2. Once semen is soaked into Well “A”, add 3 drops of blue staining solution to Test Well “A”. Let it soak for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Now add 2 drops of transparent washing solution to Test Well “A”, and let it soak for 1-2 minutes, and then read the results immediately.
  4. Read the color of Test Well “A”, comparing the color of Test Well A to Reference Well B. The darker the color of Well A, the higher the sperm concentration

(Please refer to the Procedure Card Below:)


(Compare the color of test well A to reference well B)



The color of test well A is darker than or the same as the standard color of reference Well B. It means the that sperm concentration is grater than or equivalent to 15 million/ml. The likelihood of concentration is high with this sperm concentration, subject to other conditions, such as ovulation being favorable.


The color of test well A is lighter than the standard color of reference Well B. It means that the sperm concentration is less than 15 million/ml. This is  known as oligospermia. The likelihood of conception is less with this sperm concentration and further medical consultation is recommended.


If well A is colorless, it means the sperm concentration is less than 5 million/ml or zero. This condition is known as sever oligospermia or azoospermia.