“gender confusion (dysphoria) leads to increase HIV

Do you agree that gender confusion (dysphoria) will lead to more men to men sex that leads to an increase in HIV among Malaysian?

Personally, i don’t think gender confusion is the reason for men who like other men.

It’s really hard to explain, but when deep down you’re really sure you’re a certain gender, then it’s true because you’re you.

According to MOH Ministry of Health Malaysia, recorded a 2.5 fold increase accounting for 84 percent of new HIV infections compare to last year 32 person in 2006.

Our government has been working hard to reduce new HIV infection and plans to end AIDS by the year 2030. Is this possible? Well, personally i don’t think so, unless in medical industry, a magic pill discover.

Or just to be on the safe side, wear a condom. It could prevent one from HIV as well as other sexual infection diseases.

Know your partner well, get a HIV self test kit and test before married, before involve in any sexual act.

This is the most safest way to ensure you’re not affected.