Increase of 2% – 4% GST private healthcare

There will be an increase of 2% to 4% after the implementation of GST on 1st April 2015. While most of the bills in private hospitals would be exempted from GST, the component relating to consultant fees would be subjected to the six per cent tax which will be levied to patients.

Early detection on our health are essential especially when charges are getting higher year by year in private hospitals and clinics. Other than having a good diet and lifestyle, we should have a work balance in life to achieve optimum health. We can check our health using ph urine to check our urine for eg: urine ph showing acidity range means we should take precaution to our health in terms of food we consume, diet, exercise because acidity means we are doing something harmful to our health. If your urine ph shows alkaline means we are in good shape and should keep up the good job in keeping our body in healthy state.

Lots of people neglect their health because they are too busy with their schedule of working and personal life. When down with sickness, pop a pill and everything will be back in order. However, popping a pill for an ill is detrimental to our liver in long term. It’s always best to check our urine for ph and change our lifestyle and diet rather than consuming pills for life.

Other than checking for ph urine, you can also check for protein, ketone, blood and others simply by dipping into urine and get instant results in few minutes without paying for expensive bills everytime you need to check.

1 bottle consist of 100 dipsticks and it’s way better, cheaper and you can check and repeat checking for few days without having to visit doctor every now and then which also quite inconvenient as we need to take leave and basically no time to visit doctor’s office.